Meet Isabella and Dacey, the main characters in Tulum (C), a series by Beverly & Steve Smirnis

Meet Chris Gill, developer of the Gran Tulum and numerous other properties up and down the Mexico’s Yukatan Peninsula

COMING SOON--a new series set in Tulum

(C) 2023 The Savvy List, LLC Only after she returns to the Yucatan does Isabella uncover shocking secrets about her own ancestry. The Eros is intense between our two main characters.  Isabella’s Philia with her friends Sophia and Aldo back home keeps them apart for a while.  Her Storge for the child she bears is heart-breaking.  Her lover, Dacey, shares with her ancient wisdom about the other forms of love.                                   

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Kukulcan of Atlantis

a Character Profile from the Tulum series© by Beverly & Steve Smirnis Mayans perceived European settlers as the second coming of their god Kukulcan, one

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