Meet “Tulum” Characters Sophia and Aldo

The couple deeply desires to become parents.

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Meet "Tulum" Characters
Meet "Tulum" Characters

Sophia and her husband Aldo are passionate people. They own a restaurant in Austin. As members of the luxury hospitality Industry, they are experts at fostering an emotional connection with their guests.  Their staff is like family to them.

They intentionally balance their career passion and their personal life. But they are heartbroken because she has had two miscarriages and the doctors have told her getting pregnant, even in vitro, is going to be difficult. One of their employees, Isabella, is a college student who works part time at their restaurant. When Isabella learns that they are looking for a surrogate mother, she approaches them with the idea that it should be her.

After a number of discussions about it, Isabella moves into their guest house. The plan is that she will get pregnant that spring before she graduates from University of Texas that May. The plan is for her to deliver the baby sometime in the fall. That will allow her to wait until the market recovers a little before pursuing her job search. Isabella aspires to get her dream job with an architectural firm.

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