Kukulcan of Atlantis

a Character Profile from the Tulum series© by Beverly & Steve Smirnis

Mayans perceived European settlers as the second coming of their god Kukulcan, one of the three gods that was thought to have created the Earth.

Kukulcan had a human form as well as his feathered serpent form.  The Mayan legend states that the Mayans were visited by a six-foot-tall Caucasian man with blond hair and blue eyes. According to legend, Kukulkan came from the sea to be the leader of his people and teach them about Agriculture, Medicine, Law Codes and Astronomy. 

Some believe that Kukulcan might have been a survivor of the ancient and lost City of Atlantis who made his way into Mesoamerica and taught the Mayan’s the secrets of his lost city. This fits the profile of what Kukulcan would have been like–coming from the sea, looking like a European, and teaching of government, medicine, and agriculture. 

After a brief period of being on Earth Kukulcan returned to the ocean telling the Mayans that he would return at some later date. 

In our Tulum(C) series, Kukulcan did indeed return, as the father of a new Mayan civilization after the demise of the last ancient Mayan civilization in Tulum.

Learn about Kukalcan’s appearance today during Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox and Fall Equinox.

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