What’s Meant to Be Will Always Find a Way

Meet “Tulum” Characters, Isabella and Dacey

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What’s Meant to Be Will Always Find a Way
Isabella and Dacey met in Cancun.  She is 21.  He is 29.  Their chemical attraction was something neither of them had ever before experienced.
"Tulum" characters

Isabella’s First Equinox Experience

“Tulum” Characters Isabella and Dacey met in Mexico during her last college Spring Break.

The passion was intense. The lovers take a short trip together to Chichen Itza. It is March 21, Isabella’s birthday. And it is also the day of Spring Equinox on the Mayan calendar. 

With just as much passion, Dacey tells Isabella the story about the four sided El Castillo pyramid. The pyramid has a staircase on each of its four faces.  He explained that each face has 91 steps.  Four times 91 is 364 and the platform at the top is 365, representing the days of the solar year. 

As the sun set at the Spring Equinox celebration, the two witnessed the shadow of Kukulcan. It appeared in the form of a serpent on the north face of the pyramid. The snake’s descension from the top of the pyramid marked the birth of a new solar year, Dacey explained.

After the Equinox celebration. The two travel to Dacey’s home town of Tulum. Dacey invites the friends that Isabella travelled with to come there too. The group attends the Spring Equinox celebration and celebrates Isabella’s birthday in grand fashion. The party in the Tulum jungle is an all-night rave. It’s more spectacular than anything the girls had seen before. Dacey and his friends invite the girls to the Azulik Resort afterwards. And the party and the passion continues.

"Tulum" characters
Dacey is a native of Tulum and now lives and works nearby in Playa del Carmen.
Watch the YouTube video below for a preview of the set and scene, shot at the stunning Azulik resort in Tulum.

Saying Goodbye is Hard. But What’s Meant to Be Will Always Find a Way

The time comes for Isabella and her friends to return to Cancun to fly home. They’re heading back to Austin. It’s their last Spring Break trip before they graduate from University of Texas that May. Dacey is going back to Playa del Carmen. He has to get back to work the following day. Isabella tells him her plans back home will likely prevent her from joining Dacey to celebrate the Summer Solstice in June. But they promise to see each other again as soon as it’s possible. “What’s meant to be will always find a way,” Dacey tells her as they passionately embrace in the goodbye scene. And neither of them knew what fate had in store the next time they would see each other.

Welcome to their story.

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