“Tulum”–Isabella Dreams of Spring Equinox

It’s a Significant Date on the Mayan Calendar
and in the Tulum© series by Beverly & Steve Smirnis

“I learned from Dacey of Tulum that Spring Equinox is my birthday. But I didn’t put that together until I met him on that last minute trip to Mexico in March. Remarkably, his birthday fell on the next significant date on the Mayan calendar. I had hoped to go back to celebrate the Summer Solstice and his birthday on June 21. “

Isabella, the main character, in the Tulum series, reflects: 


“Dacey told me that three months before, he was there at Chichen Itza to observe Winter Solstice. He said people go to experience the presence of the God Kukulkan who  appears as a feathered serpent.

Then at the Spring Equinox, the sun’s shadows as it sets look like the outline of a snake. And it appears to descend the from the top of the pyramid. 

The next major celebration at the temple would be Summer Solstice. Fall Equinox was next. Then the cycle would begin all over again.”

Dacey and Isabella’s day trip to Chichen Itza

Observing the Equinox celebration that March, I remember how he looked at me. And I can recall how I stared back into his eyes, completely mesmerized. He explained what we were watching for that day. Then we saw exactly what he described would happen at the Temple of Kukulkan, also known as the El Castillo pyramid. His story was told with such passion that I was deeply moved by it. How cool is it that my birthday fell on that day?

Dacey explained that each of the four faces of the pyramid has a staircase with 91 steps.  And, four times 91 is 364. The platform at the top is 365, representing the days of the solar year.”

Spring Equinox
On Spring Equinox in March, Kukulcan descends from heaven, appearing in the form of a serpent. The serpent enters the underworld through a sacred cenote. Then in June, the serpent reappears to descend the steps again. Fall Equinox follows in September. It’s then that the serpents shadows are projected on the north side of the pyramid. This symbolizes the descent of Kukulcán coming to the ground to fertilize it for the upcoming harvest season. Finally, in December, the shadow of Kukulcan seemingly rises into the sky again from the edge of the towering El Castillo temple. The serpent ascends to heaven again.
Dacey, Isabella’s lover from Tulum, was born on Summer Solstice 

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