June 21 is Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice, known as “el solsticio de verano” in Spanish, is also the birthday of Dacey—a main character in the Tulum series.

The significance of the Summer Solstice celebration in Mexico is rooted in ancient indigenous beliefs and traditions. Many indigenous cultures in Mexico, such as the Maya, had a deep understanding of astronomy and celestial events.

Dacey, a character in the Tulum series by Beverly and Steve Smirnis will travel to Chichen Itza for the celebration. There at the Temple of Kukulcan on this day, a unique play of light and shadow resembles a serpent descending the steps. Then tonight in the jungle of Tulum, there will be a grand party. It is sure to be just as exotic as the Spring Equinox party.

At both celebrations, Dacey wears a necklace with a large stone.  The stone has all the colors of fire in it.  It signifies that he is a Mayan born on the day of Summer Solstice.  The celebrations on the solstice honor the sun with exhibits of fire representing purification and renewal.  

 It marks the longest day of the year. 

Summer Solstice
Dacey’s lover Isabella hoped to join him on Summer Solstice. Circumstances prevented it. But she will be back. And the two will discover much about the past that brought them together.

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When Isabella, the lead female character in the Tulum series, met Dacey, they went together to the Spring Equinox celebration together. She noticed that some of the people who were born on the date of Spring Equinox wore the same necklace but with a green stone.

The Summer Solstice marked a significant moment in the Mayan’s agricultural calendar.

The annual June event signals the transition from the planting season to the growth of crops. It represents the power of the sun and its role in sustaining life and fertility. Summer Solstice celebrations are a way to honor and give thanks to the sun, seeking its blessings for a bountiful harvest and well-being in the community.

Important dates on the Mayan Calender are also important dates in the Tulum historical fantasy fiction series.
Sept 23, 2023 Fall Equinox
Dec 21, 2023 Winter Solstice
May 19. 2024 Spring Equinox
June 20, 2024 Summer Solstice

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