Building Savvy: On the Precipise?

The term "precipice" typically refers to a steep cliff or edge, suggesting a precarious situation where a slight push or shift could lead to a drastic outcome, either positive or negative


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Navigating through constant change and inevitable challenges can build resilience and coping skills over time.  But the feeling of always being on the verge or brink of significant change can leave even the most experienced business owners with feelings of uncertainty or loss of control. 

As homebuilders, we’re tasked with creating spaces of retreat and refuge. As “wellness” rises to the top of buyer wish lists, we’re learning the connection between home environment and optimum physical and mental health.

For our own stability and that of our businesses, easing the feelings of chaos means refining business processes and making informed and intentional long-range plans. Being able to move forward with confidence and certainty ready to embrace new ideas proactively rather than reactively is the key to business survival.

For the past 20 years or so, we’ve attended most of the annual Design & Construction Week® events. This year in Las Vegas, the building products garnering attention were those that solve problems head-on.  As designers seek clever ways to do more with less space, products designed to keep homes more clutter-free and make life generally more stress-free win the prize. Builders are keen on solutions that take safety to the next level, reduce exposure to risk, and simplify installation. Inside, our Industry News and Focus Section articles review some of the adaptable, innovative solutions for builders and their customers seen at the recent shows.

In donning our auto journalist hats, the annual car show and driving events are also on our calendar. At these gatherings, we’re inspired by the strategies of brand leaders.  Yes, the Savvy Trucks & Toys article is for the gearheads among our audience. But it’s published here for the main purpose of offering inspiring examples from an industry that runs remarkably parallel to our own.  So, if you seek to increase quality control and safety standards while optimizing supply chain issues and maintaining a customer-centric approach, those automotive industry leaders may spark a creative solution you can immolate.

We invite housing industry pros to join us in evolving to seize new opportunities! 

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Feature Stories

People Pursuing Passions in DFW:  A Dynamic Leader, An Expert Team…

Kitchen Design Concepts Makes Its Mark in the Dallas Design District with the opening of its new Design Studio

People Pursuing Passions in Georgetown: Onx Homes–
“We believe the world demands that we build different and build better.”

Onx calls its process X+ Construction™ and says it’s the key to meeting, exceeding and ultimately raising standards for new home construction.

Industry News:  “Best Of” Winners Address Builder Needs 

With time delay costs and labor wage increases up to 20% and still climbing, the key to maintaining momentum is through partnerships, diversifying supplies, and exploring innovative construction techniques. 

Sustainability, Efficiency, Wellness, Function, Style

New product standouts at the 2024 Design & Construction Week(R) events showcase Buyer Desires for Sustainability, Efficiency, Wellness, Function, Style, Authenticity and Innovation

 Draw Requests and Schedules–
“They Ain’t What You Think” on Fixed Fee Contracts

The draw schedule is only a disbursement of the contract price over various line items for the sole purpose of making periodic construction draws. 

Scholarship Application Period for Fall 2024 Construction Trades Students is Now OPEN!

As the state’s population continues to grow and the demand for housing continues to rise, the need for construction professionals is a pressing concern.

Open Land Still Remains In Texas

More Room to Grow: Builders enjoy plenty of space between its large metro areas to keep building suburbs and exurbs.

NARI North Texas Members Named as Finalists

Regional Winners Compete April 5 in NARI’s National Awards

An Inside Look at Ford Motor Company
Ford leaders recount how the legacy was almost lost, how Ford once again became a global powerhouse, and what lies ahead.

New Chapter for a Ford Icon
Why, many are asking, is the seventh-generation 2024 Mustang sticking with gas-powered engines?

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