Onx Homes:   “We believe the world demands that we build different and build better.”

It takes 22 subcontractors to build the average home.  The disjoined process leaves room for error at every turn. But Onx Homes is proving that advanced technology can reduce the process to one single system. Onx calls its process X+ Construction™ and says it’s the key to meeting, exceeding and ultimately raising standards for new home construction.

Onx’s manufacturing plant in Georgetown will be its third factory in the U.S.
Estimated pricing for the 1,800 to 2,400 square foot homes in Georgetown’s Rocking Wilco development is $350,000 to $450,000.

Onx builds entire communities while passing on efficiencies and value to homeowners through its customer-centric approach. Like other new home communities, neighborhood designs to foster ineraction with shared plazas and parks, clubhouses and recreational facilities. 

The homes use a holistic construction process to construct their concrete and steel structure from start to finish. Onx has already acquired 35 intellectual property patents for its process which starts with building the “bones” of the house in a controlled environment.  The factory has capability to produce all the necessary components for three homes every day. 

The three-year-old company has implemented its  X+ technology to successfully deliver hundreds of homes in Florida produced at its factory in Homestead

Faster Does Not Mean Lower Quality—Onx Proves It Can Actually Mean Better Quality

With processes that eliminate inventory waste and facilitate efficiency and use of biotechnology and plant-based materials, Onx’s goal is to build 100% LEED certified homes by 2025.

Onx’s Foundation+ boasts an average strength of 8,000 psi, a compressive and flexural strength far beyond traditional foundations. Onx dual layer precast concrete 6,000 psi Core Walls+ withstand 175 mph wind loads. The concrete mix pours into reusable molds adjusted to the required specifications. Walls are then configured into sandwiched panels with insulation made of plant-based materials that absorb sound. And they lower heating and cooling costs an average of 15%.  OnxRoof+ structures built with recycled light gauge steel are also rated to withstand 175 mph winds. And the steel roofs carry a Class A fire rating and reflect sunlight to reduce cooling costs.

Onx’s engineered pods, floor systems and staircases are also manufactured within the fully automated X+Systems factory. Onx’s Bathroom Pods combine high-performing mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems with beautifully designed fixtures and smart design features. Slab+, Onx’s resilient and noise-absorbent monolithic concrete slab floor system, provides support and insulation between floors. The staircases are built of concrete reinforced with prestressed beams.

Assembly and finishing takes another 30 to 60 days.

Onx’s single-family homes concrete and steel construction and townhomes are not only stronger. They are also more energy efficient and built with sustainable products and practices.  

Onx Homes
Onx Homes

While the building process avoids shortcuts and disappointments faced in traditional construction, there’s nothing sacrificed in delivering desirable, comfortable homes.  Because of the accelerated construction timeline, and a homebuilding process that require about 50% less labor, some of those savings are invested back into upgrades.

Onx’s concrete and steel construction process creates single-family homes and townhomes. They range from three to five bedrooms, two to four-and-a-half baths, and one- to two-car garages. Home features including high ceilings, tall impact-proof windows, high-quality cabinets and countertops. High-end finishes create an elevated design aesthetic. 

Georgetown is Just a First for Onx in Its Home State

Onx will open its third factory this summer in Georgetown and begin building 1,800 to 2,400 square foot homes this summer for Georgetown’s Rocking Wilco development.  In all, Onx plans 921 homes for its first Texas development.  The first homes will be ready for move-in this fall.

And this is just a first for Onx in Texas. It has stated a goal to build 1,500 homes yearly across Texas. It will continue to scale its business in Florida as well, from its factory in Homestead and a second factory in Pompano Beach that just opened in March 2024.

New Technology = New Career Opportunities

Operating from its corporate office in North Texas to its offices in Austin, Miami, Dubai, and Bengaluru, India, the executive team at Onx brings together decades of combined experience in technology, real estate, construction, and finance.  Its President is Austin’s Trevor Schick who is also CEO of Slate Technologies Inc, a construction software designer. 

 To date, the firm employs more than 400 individuals representing over 20 nationalities from around the world. And the Georgetown plant will add more.  The team.  During Women in Construction week, Onx drew attention by the number of women it employs across its various departments.

The same expansive reach of technology that is transforming the process of construction also opens up new and different career opportunities in design, software and engineering for a new breed of housing pros.  

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