Co-Authors Catherine Team & Beverly Smirnis dedicate both books in the “Anna” series to caregivers.

When Anna moves to Iowa to live with the doctor’s family and care for their young child with severe physical challenges,
she didn’t know Iowa would become her permanent home.  The Worrells and fellow residents of the town of Marshalltown didn’t realize how much she would impact each and every one of their lives.  

The Setting

Caregiving– Off The Rails

For the Winter 2024 edition of the iPain Living Magazine Beverly writes about Anna from Atlanta, a caregiver who inspired the historical fiction series she co-authored

Recipes Leave a Lasting Legacy

The real-life Anna who inspired the 2- book series, Anna from Atlanta and Anna of Iowa, introduced her Southern cooking to the residents of Marshalltown,

Love Is…

At the back of Anna of Iowa (Book 2 in the Anna series by Catherine Team and Beverly Smirnis), is a speech by C.J. Renfro,

The Cast

Sexy, Saucy Mrs. Susan Calloway

Anna’s words about Susan Calloway in Anna from Atlanta (Book 1): “Now, Miss Susan was beautiful in a Jean Harlow sort of way, with long

The Good Doc–Joe Worrell

His friend and business associate Doc Calloway said, “Between Joe Worrell and me, we knew virtually everyone in town. It was the kind of place

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Life With A Twist

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