Anna didn’t know the eight different Greek terms for love, but she was as wise as any of those ancient Greek philosophers in her understanding of each and every form of love.
Anna’s role as a caretaker for Fritzy Worrell, a physically challenged child and young man she spent a good portion of her life caring for, is perhaps the most profound example of Agape.
In the Anna series, Dr. Don Calloway is a prime example of Pragma. He is duty-bound to his work so much that Pragma in the form of dutiful love is the only type of love he can exhibit in his marriage.
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When Anna moves to Iowa to live with the doctor’s family and care for their young child with severe physical challenges,
she didn’t know Iowa would become her permanent home.  The Worrells and fellow residents of the town
 of Marshalltown didn’t realize how much she would impact each and every one of their lives.  

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At the back of Anna of Iowa (Book 2 in the Anna series by Catherine Team and Beverly Smirnis), is a speech by C.J. Renfro,

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