Sexy, Saucy Mrs. Susan Calloway

Anna’s words about Susan Calloway in Anna from Atlanta (Book 1):

“Now, Miss Susan was beautiful in a Jean Harlow sort of way, with long blonde hair that fell over one eye and a slim body and no bosoms to speak of. But nothin’ was ever jes’ right with her, and she tended to whine with that little girl voice of hers about the smallest things. At our Thanksgiving dinner she sent the water back for more ice and said the gravy needed warmin’ more. If I were Doc Calloway, I would’ve gotten a good bunch of sealin’ wax for my ears, or else jes’ learned to ignore her like she ignored her kids.

She pours herself all over Dr. Joe Worrell—and Dr. Joe himself, ’cause he’s got those puddin’ feet that succumb to anythin’ blonde. “

But Anna sees Susan Calloway in a different light in Anna of Iowa (Book 2) and comes to understand and admire her.

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