The Good Doc–Joe Worrell

In Anna’s words, “Dr. Joe Worrell was tall.dark, and handsome. He didn’t say much, but when he did, we all jumped.”

His friend and business associate Doc Calloway said, “Between Joe Worrell and me, we knew virtually everyone in town. It was the kind of place where neighbors were expected to help neighbors. Everyone has to wear many hats in a small town, and we all pitched in. So I not only delivered the babies, but I took care of all the children and young people while my partner, Joe, mostly took care of the adults. I knew everything about everybody; and the ones I didn’t know, I heard all about secondhand. In short, our lives had purpose and went according to plan most of the time.”

His office was at the end of the street and his house was next door, Anna explained. “I figured they bought this house hoping for a bunch of kids. O’ course, we both know what happened to that idea.” Alluding to a future plot twist, Anna adds, “The house had a nice, big backyard. At the time, I didn’t realize how important a role that backyard was gonna play in our lives,’cause that’s where they found the bodies.”

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