Nay-Sayers Can’t Steal Their Passion for Producing Events & Experiences

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James “Disco Donnie” Estopinal, Jr.

“Ask for advice on throwing events, and many will say the same thing: don’t do it. Save your money. Get into something else.”

“See, behind the lights, the sounds, the glitz, and the glamour, running events is a tough business, especially in dance music,” says James “Disco Donnie” Estopinal, Jr. in a Festival Insider podcast.  He explains the hundreds of moving parts involved. Some are sanitation, water, parking, production, first-aid, merchandise, hospitality, art installations, ingress, and egress.

Estopinal Opens the Door to A Whole New World

Estopinal founded Disco Presents (DP) in 1994.  A Forbes profiles cites that Estopinal was working at his mother’s accounting firm in New Orleans and waiting tables on the weekends. Then one of his friends invited him to an electronic dance music show. “Estopinal remembers it was like entering a whole new world. He thought ‘everybody should know about this.’ What started out as him telling people about these concerts for fun turned into him getting hired to promote events,” writes Forbes.  Estopinal attributes his love of music and live events to his father’s influence, relating how his dad quit his law practice to become a disco DJ.

In its 30 year history DP has sold over 20 million tickets to more than 20,000 live events. Disco Donnie’s arena shows and outdoor festivals have been held in over 100 markets worldwide.  The road has not been without its challenges however.  

A Collaboration with Austin native Mitch Morales, founder of Probably Nothing and its Texas Eclipse production

Two brilliant minds come together to produce a once in a lifetime event commemorating the 2024 total solar eclipse.

Morales is an entrepreneur specializing in startups and growth-stage companies across diverse sectors, including Web3, entertainment, technology, education, energy, and finance. Morales’ Probably Nothing company is in the business of building experiential activations for major event productions.  He says the Texas Eclipse project “converges music, art, scientific exploration, futuristic technology discussions, wellness activities, and more, inviting attendees on a remarkable journey toward a brighter and more sustainable world.”

events & experiences
Mitch Morales

Bring Your Future Astronauts, Scientists and Wellness Providers

Texas Eclipse is happening April 5-9 right in the pathway of the celestial event. The venue is in the heart of the Texas Hill Country at Reveille Peak Ranch in Burnet, TX.  Across the ranch’s sprawling 1300+ acres are wooded forests ideal for camping, 60 miles of trails to explore, and elevated hilltops for optimal viewing and engagement with the event’s offerings.  

Celestial events
wellness events

Celestial Events and Wellness Practices were part of the ancient Mayan civilization. Beverly & Steve Smirnis’ characters in Tulum still observe many of the ancient traditions.

Some highlights of the festival include:

  • Family & Kids Education Area  Texas Eclipse isproud to host 11 astronauts at one conference who represent every flight provider – an extremely rare occasion.  NASA,  SpaceX Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic and  even Space Perspective.  Young explorers and their families will engage with astrophysicists, AI scientists, astronomers, and more through enlightening chats and interactive stations.
  • Science Workshops Attendees can explore paradigm-shifting ideas under the vast Texas skies, guided by thought-leaders from around the globe, covering topics such as psychedelic medicine, AI ethics, biohacking, and more.
  • Sustainability Sessions These sessions delve into regenerative agriculture, circular economies, renewable energy, the future of water, and the potential of mushrooms to save the world.
  • Indigenous Elders Space A nurturing environment for learning, listening, and reconciliation, facilitated by Indigenous leaders from collaborating countries.
  • Yoga & Movement A diverse range of yoga and movement offerings led by top instructors, encompassing traditional and unconventional practices.
  • Consciousness Zone and Healing Oasis A space for wellness practices, guided by spiritual leaders, ensuring holistic rejuvenation and personal growth.

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