Multi-Million Dollar Homes in Dallas

Estate Homes Deserve The Best in Outdoor Living Amenities

Multi-million dollar homes in Dallas are many. But the ones that stand out most are those with best of the best in outdoor living amenities. Here are some inspirations and resources for building or updating your outdoor spaces:

Live Like a Celebrity

The Best in Outdoor Living Amenities
Now this is something that even Dallas’ multi-million dollar homes don’t yet have! Created by engineer and inventor, Rex Beasley, Harmony Sails is his model home in the high desert. This video shows how its rooms literally swing outdoors. Beasley calls it KIOS (Kitchen Inside Out) and RIOS (Room Inside Out).
The Best in Outdoor Living Amenities
If Siegried and Roy lived in one of Dallas’ mulit-million dollar homes they could find some on Strait Lane to rival theirs. But their home is located 15 miles from the Las Vegas Strip where they performed. The Vegas compound featured in this video recently sold to a new owner. Its main house and two additional homes on the 8 acres all have their own pools. Another massive water fountain and extensive statuary add grandeur to the landscaped grounds. See other celebrity properties: June’s Top 10 Celebrity Real Estate News

Art, Furniture & Accessories for Outdoors Should be No Less Stunning that What’s Inside

Million Dollar Homes in Dallas

A contemporary metal sculpture can add a touch of modern elegance to the outdoor spaces of Dallas’ million dollar homes. But few cities can boast a resource like Dallas’ Southwest Gallery for outdoor sculpture.

Million dollar homes in Dallas have great outdoor furniture
Boxhill’s Cast Root White Console Table is elegant yet durable enough for outdoors.
The Best in Outdoor Living Amenities
Designer Jason Phillips found inspiration in nature’s ability to shape a hard surface into something beautiful when he created the River Stone collection for Boxhill.

Arizona-based Boxhill offers a curated collection of outdoor and covered patio items.  

Check out Boxhill’s blog posts for great ideas such as:  how to design your pool with in-pool furniture in mind, what to include in your outdoor kitchen, and tips for outdoor lighting.

Al Fresco Dining for Million Dollar Homes in Dallas

Million Dollar Homes in Dallas

DCS Appliances are a great choice for million dollar plus homes in Dallas. The Canadian-made appliances are distributed in the U.S. through Fisher & Paykel.  But these are not your average appliances. Indeed, every element of cooking, cooling and serving is considered. Indeed, DCS represents the best-of-the-best in power burners, compact ice makers and precise refrigeration.

The Best in Outdoor Living Amenities

Just like having a resident bartender at arm’s length, MoBar is the ideal solution for summertime entertaining!  It’s among the collection of must-haves from Dometic Home to help entertainers grill and chill all summer long! 

What’s Trending in Pools for Dallas’ Multi-Million Dollar Homes?

Swimming pools add value and quality of life to Dallas’ multi-million dollar homes. But, where land is dear and space is limited, consider a plunge pool. In fact, you can get it for less money and far less time if you go with a pre-cast, prefabricated concrete Plungie pool.

Million Dollar Homes in Dallas
If you’re looking to add a pool or remodel your existing one, check out The Savvy List’s post on what’s trending in pool styles
The Best in Outdoor Living Amenities
The 11.5-foot round Plungie Arena is a pre-cast concrete plunge pool solution. Plungie makes high quality concrete pools manufactured close to home in Alvarado, Texas. In fact, this video of a Plungie Pool installation in McKinney, Texas proves what’s possible. While the neighbors wait 8-10 months for their pool, the Plungie pool took only two weeks to install.

Flowing water symbolizes the flow of money, wealth and positivity. 

Multi-million dollar homeowners in Dallas deserve to enjoy the flow with an outdoor shower. Nothing is more exhilarating than the back-to-nature experience of showering outdoors. Or, how about bringing the outdoors in? An indoor waterfall is just the thing!

The Best in Outdoor Living Amenities
Miami-based Watrline sources only the best fixtures, furnishings, and accessories from premium European manufacturers.
10 Delight Waterfall Systems designs, installs and maintains its waterfalls.  Darryl Skinner is the Dallas-area franchisee for the German manufacturer.

Best of the Best in Outdoor Living Amenities Deserve the Best of the Best in Al Fresco Cocktails

Chicken Cock Whiskey was established in Kentucky in 1856. But it moved production up to Canada during Prohibition. Then, the Canadian Rye whiskey got smuggled back into the U.S. in tin cans. This earned it the nickname, “the whiskey in a tin can.” It was around this time that Chicken Cock rose to fame as the featured house whiskey at one of Prohibition’s most legendary speakeasies, The Cotton Club. 

TX Whiskey offers several summer whiskey cocktail recipes on its site, including TX Strawberry Lemonade.

million dollar homes in Dallas serve summer cocktails
The Jack Daniel Distillery announced a limited edition Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey to celebrate its partnership with McLaren Racing. 

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