What’s New in Pool Design?

Time for a Pool Remodel?

Geometric Pools

For larger pools, materials are an extension of the inside. Think refined and minimalistic.   The modern look is clean straight lines, making infinity edges popular.  Surround it with natural materials and plantings. 

Spools (small pools)

Cocktail pools are similar to spas as they can be heated and have jets. They are typically no deeper than four feet and 400 square feet.  Plunge Pools are usually a bit deeper and larger, often designed for fitness enthusiasts who wish to do water aerobics or swim laps without having a larger pool.

Dramatic Finishes and Features

Darker finishes giving the pool a lagoon look are in as are fully tiled pools in bold colors.  The dramatic combination of fire and water into one element remains a hot (pardon the pun) trend in water features.  Traditional white-only lights are yesteryear.  LED lights in vibrant colors with a choice of voltage and wattages are in!

Tanning Ledges, Bench Seating

Flat areas in the pool’s shallow end are perfect spots for kids to play and adults to lounge.  Extending the second step into the pool by several feet along the pool perimeter can create a bench or love seat. 

Salt Water

Better for the skin and requiring fewer chemicals to maintain, saltwater pools are increasingly popular.

Energy Efficiency

The International Code Council and Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) have collaborated to publish ANSI/PHTA/ICC-15 2021 American National Standard for Residential Swimming Pool and Spa Energy Efficiency intended to meet new Department of Energy (DOE) requirements by making swimming pools more energy efficient.  The updated standard has been approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).


Everything is controllable in the palm of your hand—from operating the pool equipment to running the lights and water features, adjusting temperatures to getting maintenance reminders.

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