Extraordinary weeknights at the DeVille estate…

Every night is a date night. Extraordinary weeknights are the rule and not the exception. Even when the kids were living at home, the DeVilles turned on the music and the candles and made every dinner they spent together a special moment.

Extraordinary weeknights

Making Weeknights Extraordinary–The DeVilles exude passion for cooking and for the best of the best in wine and spirits.

Dash muddles together the citrus and herbs with a splash of agave—not too much because they are watching their sugar.  Next, he adds a shot and just a splash more of gin out of a bottle designed as a glass skyscraper. The bottle design was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Then, he carefully puts a scoop of ice in each of the Waterford double old-fashioned glasses. 

As they raise their glasses to toast, their house manager, James, pops in to say he’s on his way for the day. He confirms that Dash’s collection of cars and trucks has received their weekly washing.  As they thank James and he turns to leave, they break into laughter.  It seems their dog Duke was chasing a squirrel and managed to fall into the pool.  James ran over to help Duke back to safety and Duke vigorously shook off his coat—his way of showering James with thanks.  Like always, their dutiful employee took it well, scolding Duke but smiling at the same time.

date night
extraordinary weeknights
date night

On the personal chef’s day off, it’s date night!

date night
extraordinary weeknights

Gourmet cooking is a favorite activity for both of the DeVilles. So preparing a special dinner together is one of their weekly rituals.  The steaks have come to room temperature and the outdoor grill is ready.  Dash opens a Cabernet while Danelle checks the vegetables. She puts the finishing touches on the salad and checks on the dessert baking in the oven. Fresh flowers cut from the estate’s flower garden make the table centerpiece.  Candles are lit and, soft piano music permeates.  The dinner conversation starts with a discussion about the progress on their guest house remodel. It moves on to the last-minute tasks to prepare for tomorrow’s charity announcement party. There, the power couple will be introduced as the honorary chairs. And they are excited about their upcoming getaway to their second home in Tulum.

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