Young Aficionado Chase Dalton loves the Tuatara ATV

New Zealand-made Tuatara is here
to take the ATV world by storm.

“It is almost like driving around a mini humvee. I might have to get an outfit to match
and pull off the whole commando look!”  says Young Aficionado Chase Dalton.

Photo courtesy of Kevin McCauley and

Constructed with a rugged all-steel design, the Tuatara ATV suits a wide diversity of needs—from those of farmers all the way to the demands of an extreme huntsman. The ATV, named for a spiny-backed lizard native to New Zealand, is available with either an electric or fuel power plant. The Electric motor by ZERONOX is impressive, pushing this dude to 35 MPH while also having the capability to tow 2,200 pounds. On top of those already unique numbers, it has a 200+ mile range. The battery is backed with a 10-year extended warranty. With the gas power plant the Tuatara gets to 65 MPH with the the same tow capacity.
The Tuatara has a nice size rear dump bed being 4ft 6in by 5ft 3in that can be loaded with up to 1500 lbs. with fold-down sides with a tailgate. Its front utility winch has a 3000 lb. capacity and 100 feet of wire rope and can be controlled from inside the driver’s seat. Top and front racks take the two most significant areas for waste of space on vehicles and turn them into an asset. The tires, shocks and available front and rear differential lock and 4-Wheel Drive options allow you to drive the Tuatara up a wall if you so desire.
Spending many of my days hunting down on the border of Texas near Falfurrias, I reflect on all the times this ATV would have fulfilled the needs of something we never thought we might need. Getting an all-electric ATV of this caliber would have benefited us in many ways. To start, we would have had more hunting time. The silence of an electric motor’s drive in the night or the early hours of the morning would sure provide that edge for getting up close to the target. Traveling in the dark would be no sweat teither. The Tuatara has optimal lighting with an overhead LED bar giving out plentiful amounts of light and two forward lights right underneath your headlights that make looking down dark trails easy. Plus, the looks are incredible.

Stay tuned!  Future posts from Young Aficionado Chase Dalton will include his reviews on more boats as well as cars, watches, cigars, art, photography, wine and spirits.  As an avid huntsman and fisherman, Chase will also cover sports travel. READ MORE POSTS FROM THE YOUNG AFICIONADO

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