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Jennifer and Glen Horowitz Built Their Dream—
And Realized An Even Bigger One in the Process

The wife and husband decorator/homebuilding team of Jennifer and Glen Horowitz were thriving in Southlake. While Southlake has “that country feel” that they love, they were looking for something more.
“We wanted to raise our two boys in the countryside,” said Jennifer. “Being part Hawaiian, I was taught to value and respect land and share the love for the land and its history with others. So, we were seeking to own some acreage, but we had no clue how the property we drove out to see one Sunday afternoon in Whitesboro, Texas, would speak to us and ultimately change our lives.”

As they drove into the property, the field of purple thistle plants in bloom was a first sign, Jennifer said. She and Glen were married at Thistle Hill (also known as the Wharton-Scott House) in Fort Worth. The property had been owned by the same Scottish family since the 1850s—another sign. Besides being part Hawaiian, Jennifer has some Scottish ancestry, too.
The name of the road you take to get to it is on Old Center Church Road. On that road stood the town’s original church which was sadly torn town in the 1950s. The last remaining family member of the original owners toured them around the property. She led them through a pecan grove and showed them the creek on the family’s land where the church performed its Baptisms. That’s when the dream began to form in Jennifer and Glen’s mind. She loved the idea of designing a new chapel by the creek. At first, the idea was for it was to be her own she-shed, a quiet place where the only gal in a house full of boys could just go hang out to meditate.
Glen said if he was going to build her the chapel/she-shed, Jennifer had to design him a man cave. So she designed “Osage Hall” to be nestled in a cove with a patio area and fire pit. But first they would design and build a new home for the family and remodel the existing small home on the property to be rented out as an Airbnb. In 2014, with all this in mind, the Horowitz family became the second owners of the property, or “stewards of the land” as Jennifer likes to say.
Jennifer started documenting on Instagram, the family’s new life on the property that is now known as Thornbridge Hill Estate. Her posts included chronicling the construction of their new home on the property. As she began to promote the opportunity to share the experience of living on the rural Texas farm property with others who came to stay in their guest house, it soon booked up for three years. It didn’t take long for other Instagram and YouTube influencers to take notice. The home and the story behind it drew enough attention to earn a feature in Country Home and Better Homes and Gardens. Old Center Chapel was soon finished after the house; the little white chapel lined with vintage church pews with views of the gardens, woods and pasture has been featured in several Hallmark Channel movies.
Right about the same time Glen began to build Osage Hall, people began to inquire about holding weddings on the property and the Horowitz’s realized a huge opportunity. The chapel was perfect for ceremonies. Surrounded by Osage trees, the black barn structure that was to have been Glen’s personal mancave became an event center. Its centerpiece is an elaborate fireplace adorned with a custom mantel made from an Osage tree branch. Glen also built its large patio outside an outdoor bar, staging area and a firepit. Opened as an event venue in September 2021, Thistle Hill Estate (now called Thornbridge Hill Estate) and was booked immediately through 2023.
“Brides tired of holding their ‘big event’ at commercial venues like hotels and country clubs, and being rushed through ceremonies because the churches are booked with several weddings every weekend, love what we can offer here,” Jennifer said. “We hear over and over again that the experience here is ‘authentic,’ as opposed to the cookie cutter venues that ‘stage’ country weddings. Here, brides and their event planners have carte blanche to create whatever they wish to create in a real country setting. The guests see no cars, only barns and animals and cattle grazing in the background.”

“No two events have ever been alike,” she added. “Whether the style is couture or cowboy, whether the desired menu is created by a five-star chef or they bring in food trucks, our guests appreciate our flexibility. Guests have arrived or departed on hot air balloons, by helicopter or by horse and carriage. Fireworks shows can be as elaborate as they wish since we’re on private property with plenty of space.”
Guests can buyout the whole weekend or a 10 am to midnight package at Thornbridge Hill Estate. It can include their use of the main home and its pool (which still remains the full-time residence of the Horowitz family)—ideal for photos and gatherings. The guest house can be used as a bride’s dressing room or babysitters can be hired to man a kid’s hangout for flower girls and ring bearers and other children in attendance while the adult guests party on into the night. The Horowitz’s have often worked with the nearby Tanglewoood Resort on Lake Texoma and Winstar Casino & Resort for shuttling guests back and forth to events.
Besides weddings, Thornbridge Hill Estate has been the site for fashion photoshoots, music videos, Santa and sleigh ride events, political fundraisers, charity benefits and more. “Our ability to control the entrance and provide whatever level of security is needed has enticed a real Who’s Who out here, including some famous athletes, musicians, models, and politicians.” Glen said.

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