The Right Finishing Touches Create the “Vacation at Home” Feel

Designed to conceal the disarray of cooking, cleaning, and prepping for the more public-facing kitchen, a Butler’s Pantry brings back the nostalgia of a page-turning scene in a Jane Austen novel or the delight of Downton Abbey’s Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes holding court over the lower culinary quarters.  In this beautifully tailored kitchen, designed by Enrico DiRisio with custom cabinetry fabricated by Thorpe Concepts, the Butler’s pantry is slightly hidden behind the kitchen’s main wall.  (Designed by Enrico DiRisio with custom cabinetry fabricated by Thorpe Concepts.  Photography: Interiors by Young Glass)

A staircase can do more than just connect floors — it can be a striking architectural feature in your home. Viewrail’s floating stairs and modern railings not only make a statement, but also expand the open feel of the space. 

Even as the pandemic lifts, more time spent at home is a permanent thing for many remote workers and often a necessity for those who have recently invested to upgrade their homes.  Look to your favorite vacation getaway spot for ideas that will make your homeowners feel good about “staying in.”  Resort amenities designed to keep you on premises include open and elegant entertainment and dining areas, public and private spaces that provide mental escape and exude wellness, and large expanses of glass to enjoy the outdoor view and welcome natural light. Get more ideas by readying the Finishing Touches feature in Building Savvy (DFW’s homebuilding industry publication.

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