The Quest to Look Your Best–Secrets Shared!

Danelle Simply Must Take Off the 10 Pounds She Gained on the Riviera Trip–FAST!

Beverly Smirnis shares some tips:

It’s frustrating. I guess I have to count myself fortunate for having a good metabolism in my younger days. Now, a small serving of French Fries means a couple of pounds! SO, if you’re like the majority, you may choose to succumb to age–gain weight, settle in, move slower. But if you’re like me, you want to fight it with every available weapon.
Several years ago, my husband Steve and I both lost a lot of weight on the Keto diet. It really was a matter of just eating differently and not a “diet” at all. Here’s what we did:

  • Cut out sugar (no fruit expect berries–strawberries, blueberries, raspberries…any kind) No honey or syrup.
  • Don’t eat bread, potatoes, rice, pasta or any type of beans that have carbs.
  • Eat protein, vegetables, and fat (whole milk yogurt, cheese, salad dressing and sauces are all OK!). “Low Fat” by the way means “Packed with Carbs!” so avoid it!
  • Clear alcohol and soda (not tonic) is the preferred alcoholic beverages, but I have to have my wine and do enjoy it often.

Here is the link to look at (and order if you wish) the suplement (keto powder) that helped us lose all the weight. We still drink our Pruvit protien shake each morning. If you decide to order some. Choose the MAX Caffeinated version, does not bother us at all and we think it works better. We like the Swiss Cocoa–mix with almond milk and ice in the blender and have that for breakfast. You can also add a Tablespoon of Whole Milk Yogurt or little almond butter for extra protein.
Eat lunch when you’re hungry.

At least at first, you should drink a second pack mid-afternoon.  I like Lime, Splash or Strawberry Lemonade just mixed with water (or if you’re in a party mood, add it to your vodka & soda!)   This will cut your appetite.  Try to eat your dinner early and not snack before bedtime.


It’s been almost five years since we went KETO and it’s still a good thing.  BUT, maybe it’s too many trips (chips!) in Mexico, but about 10 or so pounds has crept back on. Fortunately in my role with the various Estate Life media, I meet some of the best aestheticians and medical pros who are always on the cutting edge of non-invasive and safe ways to fight age.

So when I say Tina McMahon owner of Bodyology and noticed that she had lost a very noticeable amount of weight after what seemed like just a short time since I’d seen her, I had to know her secret.   She has since posted this on Instagram:

Tina told me about The Skinny Bod weight loss program involving a once-a-week shot of Semaglutide and directed me to this article in USA Today about it.

It is a diabetes drug that helps patients lose never-before-seen amounts of weight.  Weight loss is one benefit, you’ll lower your blood sugar levels and blood pressure, too–great news for someone who tends to be on the high end of normal on both.  Like the KETO diet, there are lots of other benefits besides weight loss.

Week 1: I didn’t feel too different (except after over-eating and partying a little too hard on the weekend). I was a little skeptical because I already learned NOT to overeat and didn’t notice a significant drop in appetite. But I was SIX pounds lighter on Bodyology’s scale when I went for Shot #2!!!!!

Stay tuned for updates. I will continue to share my experience with the weight loss shots and other things from pros like the ones at Bodyology who help me fight the aging process!
If you want to know more about The Skinny Bod shots, contact Bodyology.

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