The Mystical Vibe of Tulum

Tulum’s masterful example of “Blue Zone” lifestyle left
The Savvy List’s founders wanting more and more. 

The authentic allure with its mystic, healing vibe remains today. The mystical vibe of Tulum revolves around one basic premise.  It says the ancient Maya who first inhabited the space we call Tulum understood aspects of the human experience and human consciousness that remain poorly understood in modern Western culture. Indeed, their way of life, referred to today as the “Blue Zone lifestyle” begs to be rediscovered.

“We see in ancestry the possibility of finding a route that will serve us to guide the way to the future, we recover the way of the original communities to organize themselves, to establish forms of contact with nature and to interpret it, and of course, the wisdom of the hand that creates.”—Roth Architects

The backdrop for Tulum’s spiritual and bohemian atmosphere are its natural gifts.

The Mystical Vibe of Tulum
Panorama of the God of Winds El Castillo Mayan ruins with its beach, Tulum, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.
Blue Zone Lifestyle is part of the Mystical Vibe of Tulum

White sandy beaches and turquoise waters along its tree-lined coast consistently put Tulum on the list of the world’s best beach destinations. But its picture-perfect beaches and swanky beach clubs are just the starting point.

Blue Zone lifestyle is part ofThe Mystical Vibe of Tulum
Cenote in Yucatan, Mexico
The Mystical Vibe of Tullum

Fans of ancient history and mythology have long sought to draw from Mayan secrets

All the things attributed to longevity in the world’s “Blue Zones” were part of the ancient Mayan lifestyle. Every day was about dancing, socializing with the community, sexuality undefined by age, and real spirituality. A typical American lives their life opposite that of a Blue Zone lifestyle. People are resolved to growing old, and accepting what life deals out to them. When they look back at their lives, they say the words, “could have,” “should have” “if only.” 

Even in its earliest days as a tourism destination, Tulum established itself as a haven. Yogis came in search of inner peace and to unlock their chakras. Still, modern day visitors seek to experience the mystical underworld outside of normal time and space. They can start by swimming in one of the cool, giant limestone sinkholes known as ceynotes. The Maya, in fact, considered cenotes the holiest places on Earth. Then, the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Sian Ka’an biosphere beckons visitors to convene with nature in an unspoiled beach and jungle habitat. 

Tulum’s indescribable vibe also lends itself to a hot party scene. 

As people from far and wide came to explore Tulum’s mystique and nightlife, it became home to some of the hottest music events in the world. The mystical vibe of Tulum also makes it the fashion capital of Mexico. Indeed, on any given day, you’ll be likely to see models posing on the beach. But, you too can channel your inner fashionista. Just sit right on the beach in your lounge chair. Soon, you’ll spot an artist selling silk bikinis or handmade jewelry.

To say Tulum has incredible culinary scene is an understatement. 

Some of Mexico’s (and the world’s) most famous chefs have set up shop in recent years.  Which is the best restaurant in Tulum is a subject of great debate. There are plenty of dining spots where you have to book months and months in advance.  Tripadvisor puts Saikuk at the top of its list– a Moroccan, Mediterranean hotspot with equally fantastic food, atmosphere, service and nightlife vibe.

Blue Zone Lifestyle
The Mystical Vibe of Tulum
Blue Zone Lifestyle
Blue Zone Lifestyle
The discussion on Beverly Smirnis’ new podcast centers around the concept that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself. Age should never inhibit you.
The Mystical Vibe of Tulum
Beverly Smirnis on Tulum Beach with gals selling clothing from the Rajasthan collection by Iskra

Watch modern day Mayans celebrate their ancient culture by clicking on the photo below

The vibe of Tulum and concept of People Pursuing Passions will drive the next writing project of Beverly & Steve Smirnis

This video is part of the Lives of the Gods Doivinity in Maya Art exhibit. The exhibit runs at the Kimbell Art Museum through September 3

You may just decide, like we did, to purchase a property and spend more time in this magical and mystical place.

Tulum is one of the reasons that Mexico is a Top 10 Home-Buying Destination.

Learn More about the Sustainable Architecture that gives Tulum its vibe and the intentional efforts that have preserved it.

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