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VW Has the Bases Covered

By Beverly & Steve Smirnis Despite the negative diesel-gate headlines a few years ago, Volkswagen Group’s global sales have grown and the Volkswagen brand itself

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Vehicles That Check All The Boxes

By Beverly & Steve Smirnis Hybrids: Lexus ES300h Fuel Efficiency Competitive Pricing in Luxe Segment More Horsepower Trunk Space Technology has helped make hybrids drive

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An Automotive Year in Review

2018 started months ago in the automotive world.  So let’s look back at the introductions, trends and standouts. 3 Row Seaters:  Three rows in a

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Turbo-Charge It!

A turbocharger is an add-on part that uses recycled exhaust gases to increase power.  Smaller turbocharged engines can equal larger non-turbocharged ones in acceleration with

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Style & Utility

They look and drive great, and these capable utility vehicles will also give you the extra confidence when you need it. No problem next winter

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