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Vehicles That Check All The Boxes

By Beverly & Steve Smirnis Hybrids: Lexus ES300h Fuel Efficiency Competitive Pricing in Luxe Segment More Horsepower Trunk Space Technology has helped make hybrids drive

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One Perfect Garage

Imagining the owners of our “Perfect Garage” scenario to be an active family with kids, we make suggestions for them to consider behind each of

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Triple Down Economics

If you need to triple down when it comes to available seating in your vehicle, you have lots of choices among three-row crossover SUVs.   The

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On the Hunt for a Hybrid?

Today, almost all car manufacturers have introduced hybrids, making hybrid models an option no matter what price range you’re shopping in or whether you’re looking

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Best “Family Taxis”

By Beverly & Steve Smirnis Something practical for hauling the gang to baseball practice doesn’t have to mean mom has conceded to middle age mediocrity. 

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