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Queen Charlotte Lodge

Coming through the breakwater to the Queen Charlotte Lodge docks, you power down the motor of your fishing vessel and hear the music playing. Something delicious is cooking, the bar is open, and the Tybee bell rings. 

The sound of the bell means another guest is ready to brag about the day’s catch or just share the excitement of an experience they’ll treasure for a lifetime. How about the one about the humpback whale swimming alongside their boat that day? QCL says their Bell Ringer is the combo of a Japanese-style Izakaya bar and Super Bowl tail gate party. 

While the salmon and halibut fishing at Queen Charlotte Lodge is legendary, many discover what they really love most is the QCL experience. This exquisite retreat is located the northern shores of British Columbia’s Haida Gwaii (also known as the Queen Charlotte Islands) at the remote Naden Harbour. Learn more: 

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