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According to Your Money: the Missing Manual, for every dollar you spend on preventative maintenance around the home, you save approximately $100 in future repairs. Keeping appliances and systems in top condition also means lower utility bills. Regularly scheduled inspections of your home’s HVAC and electrical systems and its smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors help ensure a family’s safety. Overall, proper home maintenance is a necessity for a home to retain its full value.
It is common practice for consumer home warranty companies to stipulate that if a system or appliance fails because of lack of maintenance, rather than “normal wear and tear,” the warranty can be voided. Even for newly built homes, the National Association of Home Builders’ Residential Construction Performance Guidelines for Professional Builders & Remodelers notes, “Once the consumer accepts the project and moves into the home or occupies the newly renovated space, then the consumer is responsible for routine maintenance and upkeep.”

In spite of all the good reasons why home maintenance is necessary and important, procrastination often happens. For one, the upkeep of your home’s working parts is a job that’s never finished. Proper home maintenance requires completing routine tasks over and over again, and often. Cleaning the HVAC unit and ducts, changing filters, vacuuming refrigerator coils, cleaning out dryer vents or flushing the water heater aren’t exactly high on the list of a great way to spend a weekend for most of us, nor is the seasonal clean up outside involving tree inspections, sprinkler repair, drainage inspection, a check of gutters, the roof and the chimney, paint touch-up, window-washing and getting the pool ready. Even those who don’t aspire to be do-it-yourselfers can spend a frustrating amount of time trying to identify and schedule reliable service providers.
Manorly is a home upkeep solution and the brainchild of Cason Wright. “Our primary objective,” he says, “is to give our clients their time back.” Cason had a background in commercial construction and then built sets and operated a wedding venue for several years before identifying the need to establish Manorly’s premier home management service in DFW.
Manorly’s members appreciate the flexibility of choosing exactly how much service they need each week or each month as an alternative to hiring a full-time house manager. All levels of clients with Manorly membership get 24/7 one-call service, recurring services ranging from housecleaning to seasonal scheduling, access to Manory’s network of licensed and insured subcontractors, designers and organizers, and streamlined invoicing. Members choose the level of walk-through inspections they want—annually, quarterly or monthly, and the other concierge services they wish to include in their plan.
“The monthly walk-throughs have been highly beneficial for our home, inside and out. Manorly not only helps with small tasks like changing light bulbs, but proactively assesses any possible issues that might arise based on the season or product warranty. Manorly has taken the endless task of keeping up with our home off of my plate, so that I can focus on more important things,” says Byron, a Manorly member and resident of Preston Hollow in Dallas.
Additionally, the Manorly team’s experience and background in construction means that when clients decide to redo a room or remodel their kitchen, they are up to the task to manage projects big or small. Clients also include builders, remodelers and Realtors who refer their clients to Manorly for services to keep their residence in its finest condition. Making homes ready for sale is another area where Manorly can assist.
“Since several of our staff come from a background specifically in private service, we understand what the term ‘white glove service’ is all about,” said Manorly team member Gina Zucchet, explaining that besides Manorly’s full range of home upkeep programs, their scope of services is as extensive and all-encompassing as those any type of house manager might be tasked with. Their Rolodex includes extensive resources for everything from specialty contracting, automation and WiFi, fine art installation and security services to errand running, travel booking and bill paying.
“One Christmas Eve we found ourselves building a chicken coop for a client who decided a few chickens for the backyard would be a nice Christmas present for the family,” laughs Cason. “No matter what your request may be or when you may find yourself in need of it, Manorly strives to provide the answer.”

To learn more about Manorly Concierge Home Management, listen to Cason and Gina on The Building Savvy Bottom Line podcast.


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