LIFE IN THE YUCATAN: The Authors’ Journey

If you haven’t ever been to Tulum, it will be hard to fully imagine the vibe of this place—mystical, magical, natural, happening all at once.  This video filmed at Azulik will give you an idea. 

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September 2020:  We had not been to Tulum for years.  Even then, we found the scenery stunning and sensed that we were in a special place with a storied history, but beside visiting the Mayan ruins at Tulum, there wasn’t much there.  That has changed much.  But what hasn’t changed is how special it remains in spite of the fact that Tulum has become one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world.

We had the opportunity to do a real estate discovery trip to Play del Carmen to see the amazing projects by Simca Real Estate and then took the trip to Tulum to see Simca’s newest project at the time.  We were taken with Simca’s outstanding work and the way that Tulum and all its beauty are carefully protected to its pristine beaches and the native jungle. 

There was an instant attraction.  We believe that falling in love with Tulum was part of our destiny.  Investing at the pre-construction stage in Simca’s Gran Tulum was so compelling, we decided to bite the bullet and reserve a unit.  Since then, we have found it hard to resist our return trips there.  We find ourselves drawn to Tulum and the interesting people we meet each time from all over the world who share our enthusiasm for the zest of life found there.  Azulik’s marketing materials call it, “A unique integration of ancestral knowledge, technological innovation, applied sustainability, practiced spirituality and collective experiences that culminate in new ways of learning, creating and healing, thus propelling human evolution.

Beverly & Steve Smirnis with Simca developer, Chris Gill at a real estate event in Fort Worth, TX
Our new condo will be ready in late March or April.  We look forward to sharing all that we discover as we continue to split our time between Dallas and Tulum.  In the process, we’ll draw more inspiration for our developing storyline for LIFE IN THE YUCATAN.

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