LIFE IN THE YUCATAN: Dacey James (DJ) Comes of Age

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When the child is born and she sees his eyes, Isabella mutters the name of the child’s real father.  Sophia had never heard that name and has no idea who Dacey of Tulum is, but she latched onto the name, and it was decided that it would be the name of the newborn boy. 

 This makes a tough situation and the secret about the child’s paternity even harder for Isabella to bear. 

As a young child, DJ has a meltdown during weather episodes.  He starts shaking and is truly fearful of thunder and lightning.  After one storm, Isabella witnessed him go outside to see a rainbow and heard him mutter, “Thank you, Itzel.”  As he got a little older, he would spend hours playing with his toy boats in a baby pool of shallow water.   “Let the light guide you,” he would say.  “Look at the light.  It’s in the top of the temple.  Be careful.  You will die if you’re not.”

Neither Isabella, Sophia or Aldo thought much of all this.  “We didn’t have much experience being around young children, so we just assumed they had wild imaginations and some had real fears,” Isabella said. 

DJ is 14 years old when Sophia plans a girl’s trip to Tulum and invites her friend Isabella to come along.  They worry about leaving DJ behind in Texas because he is coming of age and his classmates at school make fun of him because they have observed the intense fear of storms that he continues to have.  They’ve also observed the attraction that their young female classmates have for him.

Conceived on the Mayan Winter Solstice and born on the Fall Equinox, Dacey James was the name given to Isabella’s son.  They call him DJ.

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