Isabella and Dacey:  What’s Meant to Be Will Always Find a Way

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Isabella and Dacey met 15 years ago in Cancun.  She was 21.  He was 26.  Their chemical attraction was something neither of them had ever experienced.

When the time comes for Isabella to fly home, back to San Antonio, and for Dacey to return to his home in Tulum, there is a plan for them to reunite.  Neither of them knew what fate had in store or that the next time they would see each other would be some 15 years later. 

Welcome to their story. 

Watch the YouTube video below for a preview of the set and scene, shot at the stunning Azulik resort in Tulum.

While in Mexico, the lovers take a short trip together to Chichen Itza. It is December 21, the shortest day of the year and day of Winter Solstice on the Mayan calendar.  With much passion and animation, Dacey tells Isabella the story about the four sided El Castillo pyramid which has a staircase on each face.  He explained that each face of the pyramid has 91 steps.  Four times 91 is 364 and the platform at the top is 365, representing the days of the solar year.  Then as the sun set, they two witnessed the shadow cast on the northern stairway, creating a diamond pattern representing a snake’s body. He had told me all about the Spring Equinox which would follow on March 21 and how the sun’s shadows would look like the outline of the snake descending the from the top of the pyramid to mark the birth of a new solar year.

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