The 2022 Definition of “Dream Home”

A safe and clean environment with space, storage, daylight, fresh air and warm colors are some of the items topping buyer wish lists. While we abandon the colder tones of grey and white, warmer variations of the neutral palette remain the popular and safe choice in common areas.

With homeowners growing used to spending more time at home, there’s a greater focus on the health, safety and indoor air quality of their home environment. It’s no surprise that more common building products—everything from insulation, drywall and flooring products to ceramic tile and plumbing fixtures—are now offered with built-in antimicrobial technology. More cooking at home may provide us with better nutrition, but it can also mean more fine particulates and VOCs in our homes without proper venting precautions.
While it’s good to see the world trying to get back to normal, increasing traffic, engines revving, screeching brakes, roaring jets, and train horns blaring may also bring back disturbed sleep, decreased work productivity and elevated stress levels. Studies have shown that 90% of exterior noise enters through the windows, not the walls. Replacing windows with modern solutions offering soundproofing technology can be an investment that pays dividends in your home value, saves on utilities and improves quality of life.
Home designs and features that support recuperating and relaxing are high priority. The need for flexible private space is underscored. Storage solutions that make is easier to keep the home clutter-free, extra space in the garage and easy access to an attic are pluses. Lighting and color choices can also make or break the occupant’s mental well-being at home.
The 2022 definition of “dream home” isn’t over the top. It’s not about bells and whistles or overly ornate; nor is totally minimalistic the trend any longer. The new definition has more to do with a safe and clean environment with space, storage, daylight, fresh air and warm colors. An eco-friendly, energy efficient and easy-to-maintain home is the winning ticket.

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