Learn from the Past, Look to the Details to Precisely Nail Curb Appeal

Fortress Building Products’ Apex CBPVC cladding emulates the appearance of hardwood with a bamboo cellular PVC core that allows for minimal expansion and contraction.

Are you thinking of remodeling your home?  It’s always a good idea to think of resale whether that is your intent now or in the future.  So, what home styles are buyers looking for? Has that changed from a year ago?  Where do the trends stem from? And what is next on the horizon?

Meyers Research, a national real estate advisory service, says that buyers rank curb appeal second only to interior lifestyle design in their list of priorities. While style choice is all over the board, the most important thing to get right is clearly recognizable and authentic design, say the experts.

While you could say that eclectic is style unto itself, most buyers frown on all the remodeling activity and tear-downs to undo “the McMansion era,” where eclectic style got so out of hand that elements of Victorian, Colonial, French Eclectic, and Federal architecture were often combined together into a hodgepodge.

Combine the rise of the smart home with a resistance to clutter and ornamentation and we ushered in a minimalistic modern home design phase, which has been in vogue for some years now.  Simple, square horizontal and vertical elements are still chic to some while others dub the trend as “a gray, colorless, catalog look.”  In an attempt to warm up and personalize things a bit, we have explored Hollywood Glam, Midcentury Modernism and Modern Farmhouse, the latter popularized by HDTV to such an extent that we all had to take notice.

Brick Industry Association (BIA) member manufacturers say white and limewashed exteriors are the latest and lend themselves to all styles.  Painted brick is also becoming regionally popular.

The BIA concedes that mixed materials are super hot—combine brick with metal, steel or glass, and especially wood.  Fiber cement and engineered wood and composite panels are some of your options for creating the wood cladding look with better durability.  Similarly, asphalt or synthetic shake shingles can offer the look of wood-shakes or slate at a lower cost with greater durability.  Concrete roof tiles are another premium option.  And now, advanced digital printing technology creates another option—porcelain roof tiles.  Metal roofing products with “cool chemistry” finishes that reduce energy bills are also popular and in keeping with some of the current home designs.

The bottom line:  Pick a style and get the style-defining details right to create the intended architectural style, and you’ve got curb appeal.  The home’s entrance, where specific roof, eave and overhang treatments are clearly visible provide a primary opportunity to define the style.  The front door should always make a statement.  Think of the porch as the picture frame, but be sure it also serves a purpose in being usable and large enough for seating, a porch swing, etc.  Spend extra money and attention on windows and front-facing garage doors.

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