Adjectives used to define luxury when it comes to surfaces are: comfortable, clean, sophisticated and warm.

Caesarstones’s Icellion quartz countertop and backsplash are warmed by wood accents to create an inviting kitchen space.
Elysian’s Mirage porcelain tiles, courtesy of Ceramics of Italy

As the price for traditional white marble gets further out of reach, the focus has shifted away from the blue-gray understones of white stones to warmer, earthier palettes ranging from luxury beige to soft black and dark gray.
Cabinetry tones are earthy in colors such as blue, sage green and terracotta exuding comfort, hope, strength and confidence. Calm, grounded and rustic wood accents and decorative tile replicating historical artisanal frescoes and Venetian plaster balance the look.
Semi-opaque stains used for both cabinetry and wood floors, showing just a touch of woodgrain, are also on-trend. For fixtures, the trend is toward matte and brushed finishes.
Perhaps the leading trend in surfaces comes from the pandemic spurring a heightened desire for outdoor living and socializing. In turn, the technological advancements creating more use possibilities to use exterior and interior engineered stone tiles, slabs and paneling to give spaces their own skin. This opens up the door for completely new home exterior looks.

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