HVAC System Choices Are Only Part of the Energy Use Equation

Home heating and cooling systems consume more energy than any other home system, accounting for nearly one-third of a home’s utility bill. While equipment choices do play a role in reducing energy consumption, your HVAC system choice is only one part of the equation.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Take all measures to reduce your energy demand. Start with design and material selection and use best practices to build a tightly sealed home to cut back on the fuel or electricity needed to run the HVAC system you choose. Use the latest technologies to improve air quality while harvesting and reusing conditioned air and water. Add IoT systems to maximize control over your home systems.
left: AiroDoctor® V10P-AC, an air purification kit for cassette AC units, makes it possible to easily upgrade air-conditioning systems with a powerful antibacterial and antiviral UV photocatalytic filter.

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