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Estate Life Old Preston Hollow/ Bluffview and Estate Life Highland Park have officially rebranded to Stroll. Welcome to the future of the private neighborhood publications published by Beverly & Steve Smirnis. Below we explain the “why” behind this change, but let us first share this: Our focus will remain on sharing the resident stories, photos, and happenings our audiences have come to expect and enjoy for over nine years now.
Our two publications–one exclusively for residents living in the original Township of Preston Hollow and one for Highland Park residents–are exclusively for and about the residents residing within each neighborhood boundary, yet they part of the largest and most established line of luxury neighborhood newsletters in the country. More than 550 top-tier communities receive a custom monthly publication that’s managed by local publishers like us and produced by The N2 Company (N2). Each community’s publication had a completely different name and look… until now.
Now, every issue of N2 neighborhood publications has become a Stroll magazine, each with its own name (like Stroll Old Preston Hollow and Bluffview and Stroll Highland Park for example). This means all across the nation, homeowners like you are now connected in the experience of living in a Stroll-worthy neighborhood.
Why “Stroll”? We landed on this name for many reasons. A stroll is relaxing, never rushed, and allows for the opportunity to meet neighbors and even hear their stories – all things we hope you find true every time you flip through an issue of this publication. You live in a community worth strolling, and Stroll Old Preston Hollow and Bluffview and Stroll Highland Park will continue helping you celebrate that, just as Estate Life always did. Learn More.
Join us in celebrating this rebrand as we Stroll through summer. As an important part of what we do, the Stroll publications will now be treated as part of the “family of Estate Life media.”

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our newest multi-media celebration of love and leadership in our community.

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