Dallas/Fort Worth Building Savvy – September 2020

How are you coping?

“What makes challenges in business, and in life, even more difficult is they’re not set out as neatly as hurdles on a track.  They pop up unexpectedly.”  –Paul Evans

Truly during the coronavirus pandemic, our homes have been our refuge.  Many are saying that the new reliance on home will persist long after the pandemic subsides.  And this makes your role as a provider of housing particularly important as we look ahead into the third decade of the 21st century.

Some of you will grasp change as opportunity, leading the way with new home designs that answer to the things that post-pandemic buyers will put a priority on.  Flex rooms, indoor air quality and outdoor spaces have been the topics of discussion of late, and our Building Savvy Focus Section calendar is timely in addressing many of these areas.  Inside this issue, we explore baths, where the number one design goal is to create a spa-like experience with a feeling of the outdoors.  And stay tuned for next month’s feature on outdoor living areas—even more important today than they were before.

The way we sell and market our products in the reality of a changed world is another area of opportunity for those willing to change.  We will continue to bring you examples, ideas and success stories illustrating the new normal for our industry.

As we adapt and evolve, so will careers in our industry.  But in order to entice the talent we need over the next couple of decades, we must improve the safety record on our jobsites.  The sobering fact says one of every five work-related deaths in the private industry is construction-related.  Let’s do something about that!

Building Savvy’s goal is to offer suggestions and ideas that inspire you to tweak your processes, your product and your brand. Thanks for your readership!

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