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It’s Now or Never!  Be Ready for Change!

Turn off the news, and tune on the “relax outdoors” setting on your smart controller! An outdoor sanctuary might just be a must-have in a world that seems to be constantly disrupted and ever-changing. Aftermarket investments by homeowners in their outdoor living space have been particularly lucrative for remodelers, especially since the pandemic set in. Some have decided that their desire for better outdoor living space is a reason to shop for a new home. Their expectations and assumptions about what a new home should include have been forever raised when it comes to outdoor living areas. Inside, our Savvy Design section is designed to give some insight.
Home technology gurus have certainly introduced enough to blow our minds over the past decade, even over the past year! We know, we can hear you saying it: “The more ‘smart’ products we add, the harder it becomes for everyone at home to actually use and enjoy the home.” Rest assured that clever tech entrepreneurs are at work right now on affordable solutions that make it easy for everyone to control everything in their homes. This month’s Focus Section reviews some of the things once futuristic, that now realities of everyday life. Technology is also changing jobsite practices. of the technologies discussed in our Savvy Special Report on Construction Technology exist and are in use on jobsites around the world and many of them will trickle down to the residential segment of the construction industry very soon.
We’re not the only major industry affected by constant change. There are a lot of valuable lessons and motivating similarities in comparing the race to remain relevant in the automotive industry in the age of electrification to our own industry’s race to train new talent and adjust to new processes, too. Like automakers, we can’t assume just because our brand may have been around a long time, and our housing market has been one of the country’s most desireable, it’s going to remain relevant unless we prepare and adapt.
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