Dallas/Fort Worth Building Savvy – June 2020

The Quest for Survival in Hard Times Requires Willpower and the Right Team

So here were are in an age where a combination of new technology and better understanding of building science ushers in all-new schools of thought among HVAC experts about best practices and equipment choices. The complexity and detail to meet codes and make the right choices means that an engineer, a physicist, your HVAC contractor, and a home energy rater are part of a modern homebuilder’s team. They say the greatest lessons in life are those we learn the hard way. Who knows where we will be in 2030 looking back on how standards of indoor air quality have advanced from the lessons learned from the Covid-19 crisis.

The remaining fact that a huge percentage of construction projects continue to go over budget is another example of a bad thing that inspired a good thing. Data scientists and statisticians identified a problem and created a solution. The result is that a modern builder has at his or her fingertips unprecedented options for forecasting costs using predictive data that leverages science and analytical trends to create algorithms and formulas.

It can seem at times that our brains are on overload trying to keep up all the things that present challenges. We are forced to learn new things every day just to keep up with how to communicate in the digital age. Did you know what a Zoom meeting was 10 years ago? The homebuilding industry is often seen as slow to change and trapped in tradition, but many would agree we are an industry ripe for disruption. Whether you’re relevant in 10 years may directly correlate to your answer to this question: Will you just talk about the problems or will you pioneer the solutions?

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