Dallas-Fort Worth Building Savvy –July 2021

Performance Reviews

With the walkout in the Texas legislature, there might need to be a performance review there!  But the session went pretty well, overall, for the Texas Association of Builders’ agenda.  Inside, you’ll find our recap of news headlines including TAB-backed legislation that passed or was pending the governor’s signature at press time, the Biden administration’s moves posing to affect housing, our market’s mind-boggling home sales price numbers, our industry’s actions to support training programs for the vastly needed next generation of construction laborers, and the activity of land developers and builders trying to answer to the buying frenzy our market finds itself in.

Our product sections evaluating the capabilities of modern furnace, AC and water heating appliances, we are reminded that, for a home to operate at its peak performance, its systems must be installed the right way, the ductwork and building envelope must be adequate and devoid of air leaks, and the equipment must be properly maintained.  This means, once again, that the human factor is just as important as the equipment choice.

There’s lots to report this month and an inspiring story of the talented remodeler/ designer duo who met and married after first meeting at a local NARI chapter meeting.  Enjoy, and we will look forward to seeing many of you at Sunbelt Builders Show soon!

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