Dallas-Fort Worth Building Savvy – January 2021

As One Door Closes, Another Opens…


The story of Lindsey and Cory Stone of Ultimate Choice certainly proves this title to be true as you will read in their inspiring story inside that teaches never to give up and never to say never—a timely piece for the time of year when we reset our goals and plan for our future.

We first got to know this dynamic duo when they did the work to replace our roof after the October 2019 tornado that did major damage to the area in Dallas that we live in.  Like so many of the clients who endorse them, we are thankful to have dealt with pros to get our insurance claim settled and our roof and other repairs made quickly and skillfully.  In retrospect, we were lucky to have suffered only exterior damage and to have had people that truly care help us get back to normal.

As we all try to adjust to a new normal after Covid-19 and anxiously await for it to be past us, there certainly are new doors of opportunity for savvy builders to recognize and capitalize on.  If the content inside starts some ideas flowing, and you’re looking for more ideas and insights but are not yet on our email list to receive announcements about our builder education events held on Zoom and hopefully resuming in person very soon, please email us at [email protected].    We strive to keep you in the know and motivated with fresh ideas via the magazine and the seminars, both of which are supported by our sponsors.  So please patronize them and tell them you appreciate their sponsorship!  And since we wish to have only the best of the best in businesses represented here, we would like to request your referrals.  Send those our way using the same email and while you’re at it, tell us what your business is up to, because we are also lining up our free-of-charge Savvy Builder profiles.

With the start of the new year, we begin our Focus Section calendar all over again.  It could be said that starting with a solid foundation applies to anything you do, but in new home construction, the saying cannot be emphasized enough.   It’s a sobering statistic—In a typical year in the United States expansive soils cause a greater financial loss to property owners than earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes combined.  We know this all so well in Texas!  This month’s section underscores the critical need for builders to align with professional engineering services and obtain third-party structural warranties to protect against the unforeseen things that can happen sometimes, even after careful analysis is made and best practices are followed.

As we progress through the year, we’ll move on into framing and structural systems, then have a discussion on changing preferences in home styles as we explore designs and products that evoke curb appeal.  From there, we’ll look specifically at windows and doors from a performance perspective, and at wall and roof assembly insulation and energy efficiency before getting into the latest HVAC, plumbing and electrical practices and products.  Next come our annual sections on surfaces, kitchens, baths and outdoor spaces.  And we finish up each year with updates on home tech and suggestions on final finishing touches.

We hope that 2021 is treating you well so far!

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