Dallas/Fort Worth Building Savvy – August 2020

Take Your “New Normal” to New Heights

Summer sales indicate that we as an industry are rebounding faster that anyone thought. Some builders in the state are reporting sales numbers back in pace with the great year most of them enjoyed in 2019, anticipating to finish 2020 only slightly below their original projections.

Will the virus let up or come back? How will that affect us long-term? With change lies opportunity for those that seize it and choose to persevere in spite of challenges.

In some cases, being the hold-out in an area can be beneficial (study Toyota’s approach). But on the other hand, most of us aren’t Toyota with the ability to hold out for followers in one segment while also having a portfolio of offerings that illustrate our brand’s forward-thinking and cutting edge approach in other segments.

When it comes to some things, we expect change and would be disappointed if there was nothing new to observe. Our Focus Section explores your clients’ expectations of a dream kitchen—one essential room in any home where style and technology changes are constant.

While you may embrace style changes, are there other types of change that you find less exciting, or resist trying to stay current? Is it time to rethink your marketing strategy? Is it time to add one of those millennial minds to your staff that can boost your brand and do all that social interacting now required? Should you reinvest some of that SBA funding into building a better, more interactive website?

Indeed, savvy builders will rise to the challenge of the new normal, adapting and making necessary changes while holding steady in their focus on customer service and best practices.

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