Dallas-Fort Worth Building Savvy –April 2021

Best Practices of Today. Must Be Continuously Developed Into the Better Practices of Tomorrow

Necessity is the mother of invention, and in the construction industry, that means building failure is the driver of building science. The painful examples of defects and failures, and our study of what needs to be done to prevent problems from reoccurring, should help us to be better prepared for an inevitable “next time.”   We pray that our state legislature can find solutions to Texas’ lacking power infrastructure that put us in the national news headlines last winter.

While our industry has come far in terms of high performing homes over the past couple of decades, the timing of climate policy proposals being discussed by the federal government and how that could relate to homebuilding seems out of touch and insensitive given the fact that we are still in recovery from the pandemic and housing is facing an affordability crisis already.  Today’s high-performance windows are twice as efficient as yesterday’s double-pane units; some even narrow the performance gap between the opening and the wall on which they’re installed.  That means, when it comes to windows and doors we can enjoy an increase of daylight without sacrificing comfort or energy efficiency.

Meanwhile with the spring and summer sales season here, we want specifics on what the best sellers are going to be.  But all the data suggests when it comes to home styles, what’s in, what’s out and why, are a bit unclear and very subjective.  But there is a clear message about one thing that every buyer seeks—authenticity.  So pick your style and get the style-defining details right.

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