The Perfect Kitchen…

…Encourages Social Interaction

Large islands with bar seating, wine refrigerators, coffee centers, professional grade appliances and faucets, and workstation sinks with integrated inserts and accessories for chopping, straining, drying—any and everything that equips homeowners for culinary prowess and home entertaining will be noticed

Ruvati 57-inch workstation two-tiered ledge undermount sink.
This space does double duty as a pantry, extra storage area and second kitchen.  Photo, courtesy of Whirlpool.
With built-in sous vide, two-zone induction, gas burners, convection and steam-combi, Signature Kitchen Suite’s 48-inch Pro Range is a large-capacity workhorse. Its large, innovative LCD touchscreen and illuminated Smart Knobs™ help craft an ergonomic and connected kitchen.

…Exudes Wellness

“Biophilic design” is an often used buzzword used by kitchen designers. The goal of connecting occupants with nature influences trends in finishes and textures while designs strive to capitalize on natural light.  Indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns raise expectations for properly sized and carefully ducted range hoods to effectively draw smoke, odors and moisture out of the kitchen.  Concern over the ill effects of natural gas on home IAQ have advanced induction cooking using electricity to heat pots and pans directly through magnetic induction, which offers the benefit of heating food much quicker and cooking it more evenly. Refrigerators and garbage disposals with UV filtration features and dishwashers with sanitization cycles have been the focus of other recent wellness-influenced product introductions.

…Considers Modern Lifestyle

Being able to preheat the oven while they’re on their way home from work, check the meat temperature remotely from your phone and scan a barcode that tells the microwave what it’s heating are no longer futuristic luxuries.  Connectivity in the kitchen is king!

…Puts an Emphasis on Clean Design and Reduction of Clutter

Further readying the kitchen for entertainment means it’s got to look clean and clutter-free. Appliances that do the work of multiple appliances–air-frying to steam cooking keep countertops clear.  Large luxurious walk-in pantries function as an extension of the kitchen for storage of food and with plugs for appliances clear up kitchen clutter.  How about adding a second sink and dishwasher to transform the pantry space into a “clean-up kitchen?”

With smaller spaces in the work environment and sleeker, more practical design trends in retail and commercial spaces, REHAU tambour door systems offer a streamlined look combined with functionality and additional storage.

…Supports Customizable Combinations

Column and undercounter refrigerators and freezers, microwave drawers answer to a family’s individualized needs and allow the kitchen to serve far beyond just a space for food preparation.

…Reduces Waste

Not long ago, we used to think we could save money on energy and water bills by hand-washing the dishes.  Modern dishwashers, however, are three to four times more water-efficient compared to handwashing—estimated to save over 2,500 gallons a year. ENERGY STAR® rated dishwashers and other appliances can save buyers anywhere from 10 to 50 percent on energy costs.  A huge focus at recent trade shows has been refrigerators featuring advanced technology that keeps food fresher for longer.

The all-electric kitchen in the home of founder and principal of NYC-based architecture and design firm, The Turett Collaborative, was an essential part of this home designed to illustrate an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.  It implements a modular Valcucine formaldehyde-free cabinet system, ENERGY STAR® appliances and lighting, a refrigerator with Beko HarvestFrest™ lighting technology  (mimicing the 24-hour sun cycles to preserve food longer), an induction cooktop and a motorized damper exhaust duct to regulate airflow in the kitchen.  Photo by Liz Glasgow.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  As the most hard-working room of the home, kitchens must be functional, yes, but it is equally important for the heart of the home to serve as a soothing and comfortable space that encourages togetherness.

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