Building Savvy is All About People Pursuing Passions

Our latest issue pays tribute to last year’s difference-makers

And we are excited about the other inspiring stories and educational events on this year’s agenda.

As we’ve diversified over the years into other housing markets and into completely different industries and audiences, the unifying theme in all that we write about is the pursuit of passion by individuals bent on making a difference in the world. Thus, the title, People Pursuing Passions is the name of Beverly’s podcast and the theme of Building Savvy’s parent company The Savvy List, LLC.

Pursuing Our Passion for the Housing Industry

We pursue our own passion in bringing you Building Savvy. We count many challenges and just as many triumphs from 2023, including major victories in last year’s Texas legislative session.  Thank you to those who take the time to fight on behalf of all of us so that Texas remains at the top of all housing economic reports, trend data and future projections.  Indeed, Texas is one of the best spots in our country to pursue a passion for the housing industry!  And our business-friendly climate continues to draw others who come here to pursue whatever passion drives them!

Now, as we examine where the housing industry is so far in 2024, one of the most important agenda items is housing affordability.  There’s much hard work ahead to make sure that today’s young adults can realize the American Dream of Homeownership.  Surely, the Millennials and the Gen-Zs you’ll read about our recent Savvy Special Report deserve to live in a home they own. We feel passionately that not using real estate ownership as a wealth-building tool is a huge mistake.  

Promoting our Passion

Beverly speaks as a guest on the podcasts of others to promote her business and philosophies about life. She explains, “Quite often, the conversations come around to our kids and their future.  On a business podcast, we often talk about the labor shortages, and I draw from my experience in reporting for the housing and automotive industries.  The conversation often comes around to what we do and don’t teach kids in school. I feel that the traditional path of getting a college degree to pursue a career in Corporate America is often a bad choice for People Pursuing Passions.

And my opinion is that we need to take a firm stance against the idea that it is OK for young people to choose renting over homeownership while we allow foreign investors to snatch up huge blocks of American land.  There are too many ideas being preached to us by people who have an agenda to control our thinking and our life choices.”

Beverly is Pursuing Another Passion for Public Speaking!
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