Dallas-Fort Worth Building Savvy – December 2020

Finish Strong in a Tough Year

Borrowing the headline from this month’s Focus Section, we commend our local industry for its remarkable comeback.  We have pressed on and capitalized on pent-up demand to make up for missed sales during what would have normally been our peak activity period in a normal year.  Many builders are reporting meeting the business projections they made this time last year when we didn’t have a clue of what we would face in 2020.

This December, take some time to reflect on what needs to change in your 2021 business plan.  Be on the forefront in planning spaces for the new normal of working and schooling from home.  Wow people with your emphasis on outdoor living spaces and your expertise on anti-bacterial surfaces and superior indoor air quality.  The municipalities that you build in may have already adopted some of the 2018 IRC codes, but even if they haven’t, start adapting to meet the higher standards.  Make some adjustments in your customer service aftercare with the goal of building a loyalty so strong that you put yourself in a position like some the automotive manufacturers—where loyal clientele will upgrade to your newest product instead of shopping the competition— when they are ready to upsize or downsize or move to a new neighborhood.

As we take this opportunity to look back on the year ourselves, we hope you’ll enjoy our review of the 2020 product focus sections, designed to keep you savvy on the latest in changing style preferences and buyer wish lists juxtaposed with the pictures of NARI’s CotY winners who did a great job of illustrating many of the points made.

We wish all of you the happiest of holidays.  Stay safe!

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