Home Builders in Texas Adapt to Buyer Wish Lists

Designing and building new construction homes in Texas? Now is the time for home builders in Texas to consider what buyers will seek going forward. Greentecture, Restorative Design and Sustainability are the buzzwords for 2024 new home construction.

“Inspiring Living For Tomorrow. Lifestyle Trends 2024” by Neolith offers an in-depth analysis of what’s going on in the world. For example, how society is changing, the evolution of consumers’ needs in relation to the environment, as well as the role of imagination in driving innovation. This knowledge enables the creation of places where people want to live, feel, and enjoy.

The more than 345-page book is a tool that offers access to a year of research. It includes examples of how architecture, interior design, fashion, and industry are changing to create a more livable and sensorial environment. The study is based on experiences from the COVID pandemic, remote work and the search for personal well-being. New construction homes in Texas should represent spaces where everything around us is connected, changing our relationships with the environment, in such a way that each of us can interpret and experience these trends.  The book identifies and defines three important design macrotrends.

 Urbanization of an Autonomous Spirit

A “green” and sustainable approach to urbanization introduces a specific type of architecture: Greentecture, which is based on bioclimatic and self-sufficiency criteria.

As the facilitator of a more streamlined, autonomous and sustainable lifestyle space is no longer static, now allowing for all sorts of uses in new construction homes as well as in commercial and public spaces. Cities are also changing, becoming bigger, with space becoming more and more valuable. In response, we’re seeing the rise of microliving, modularity, and multi-functional versatility which allow users to experiment and adapt spaces to their own needs.   

Well-being and self-care

Nowadays, users’ decisions are based more on emotions and their well-being and balance. This provides an excellent opportunity for Texas home builders to create real value. Spatial designs link physical, psychological, emotional, social, professional, environmental, spiritual and financial applications.  Restorative design recognizes that teleworking has opened up our homes and influenced their design inside and out. The goal is to represent a safe place as the scenario for multisensorial well-being.  Flexibility, fun and a green perspective are added to the design vocabulary as reflected by bright and happy colors: the yellow of Bach flower, burnt red and amaranth, eucalyptus green, cobalt blue as well as azalea pink and purple.

Nature and a natural balance

Awareness for environmental respect is becoming stronger all the time. We’re in the era of researching materials, innovating, and transferring these results to commercial use. Texas home builders must strive to contribute and access environmentally friendly environments and projects. A third of all consumers are willing to invest more and more in sustainable products, and thus Texas home builders must be ready for sustainability to become the expectation and not the exception in the future. Brands are beginning to facilitate more responsible consumption. Teaching people to value what we already have instead of quickly replacing everything will lead to a cultural change. 2024 will be the great era of respect, of zero waste generation and upcycling.

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