Best for Builders: Truck or SUV?

We don’t want to make our favorite truck manufacturers mad by suggesting you consider instead an SUV when it’s time to trade, but unless you need to haul dirty cargo in the rear, an SUV might better serve you.   Just fold down those second and third row seats (some trim levels will let you do this at the push of a button), then push another button to operate the tailgate and the right SUV will still give you plenty of space for moving cargo, and you can have all the seats you could ever need at the same time.

Infiniti QX60–like the homes you build?

Make that perfect comparison—you build new houses that perform better and cost the same; Infiniti’s new QX60 comes with a new engine that’s more powerful with the same fuel economy rating as its predecessor at a decent 22 MPG combined from its 6-cylinger continuously variable transmission (CVT).  A hybrid version engine is also available.  There are other comparisons you can make about Infiniti’s seven passenger QX60 and the homes you build:  Things are thoughtfully designed for both good looks and functionality.  There’s plenty of storage space.  Measures have been taken to provide a quiet and comfortable environment.  Skip this one if off-roading or towing is necessary, but you could add the all-wheel drive option if just the reassurance of extra traction is all you really need.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid gets 30 MPG

Those environmentally-conscience homebuyers can no longer judge you for having a gas-guzzling vehicle if you’re driving the 2017 Toyota Highlander Hybrid getting 30 mpg.  We found this SUV to be just the right size and not so high off the ground that your aging-in-place buyer candidates would moan and groan about climbing in, and they will be pleasantly surprised at the ride comfort even as you gracefully maneuver it around the unfinished land development in search of their perfect home site.  You’ll be comfortable with its decent off-road credentials, too.  The current year model received a significant update, one being the suite of accident avoidance features that are now standard equipment. 

Lexus GX 460–capable luxury

The Toyota’s corporate cousin, Lexus, includes many SUV choices.  Among these, the GX 460 is both luxurious and particularly capable off-road with traditional body-on-frame construction, a high-clearance suspension, full-time four-wheel-drive and V-8 engine power.  New features on the 2017 model include a Sport Design package and second-row captain’s chairs.  You’ll sacrifice that fuel economy (with a 16 mpg combined EPA rating), but if you go off-road often, can appreciate its 301 horsepower and 329 pound-feet of torque, or need to tow up to 6,500 pounds, you’ll find the GX 460 a perfect blend of beauty and brute.

Whether you decide upon an SUV or you’re just that guy whose personality has long been defined by your choice in pick-ups, you’ll be able to use your truck as a double agent.  Today’s trucks are luxurious enough to transport your classiest customers and the fussiest of families anywhere.  If you do choose an SUV, you won’t have to sacrifice power, toughness or capability if you need it, and most of the vast array of SUV choices will accommodate all the cargo you need to carry.  

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