Anna from Atlanta is Dedicated to Caregivers

“This tale is like good dessert. You find yourself scrapin’ the plate for more.” –Anna Washington

The book is based on the true story of a physically challenged boy born in Marshalltown, Iowa, whose life was forever changed when Anna arrived through a remarkable stroke of fate to live with his family in rural Iowa. The true character of Anna demanded dignity for Fritzy, the handicapped child, and for herself.  She enriched the lives of everyone in the town of Marshalltown, Iowa so much so that co-author Catherine Team’s father told her the original stories about Anna that inspired the book. Read more about the authors and how this book came to be.

The heart of the story details Anna’s observations and interactions in Marshalltown.  Appalled at the plain cuisine “that Iowa folk all seemed to accept,” Anna’s first task is to introduce some Southern flavor to the Worrells and their friends!  Planning meals and visiting the crusty old grocer becomes a daily adventure for she and Fritzy.  She keeps their daily schedule full…going to town for groceries, stopping at the library, returning home to prepare dinner, reflecting on the day’s adventures, saying prayers, and getting up to do it all again. 

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