“8 Words for Love” Podcast Coming Soon!

About The Savvy List:
• SAVVY means “in the know”
• We are a multi-faceted business with a goldmine of contacts and resources
• We use a unique storytelling approach to promote inspirations and examples from the present and the past.

LOVE the subject of our podcast because the common thread to everything here on The Savvy List revolves around passion for life. Our goal is to be a resource to inspire our audience to identify and fully realize their own opportunities to give and receive love—in their personal relationships…on their career path… by serving their community…

Topics for the 8 Words for Love podcast will include:


Guests share personal experience in:
• getting rid of habits and beliefs that were holding them back from achieving their dreams
• gracefully dealing with toxic people or ney-sayers
• identifying the types of love they did express well and the types of love they lacked or needed to work on…why and how they did or will change that.
o Self Love
o Rekindling a marriage
o Correcting life balance


Guests teach and inspire us through:
• Charity—Agape to the core
• Kindness—etiquette, responding with grace
• Pursuing Career or Special Interest Passions

The lives of the real and fictional characters on the blogs and in the books are driven by their expression of different types of love.

We invite your ideas for episode topics, guests and potential sponsorships.

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