2024 Kitchens:  “Pop Open the Wine!  We’re Dining In!”

For many reasons, more and more people now consider themselves home chefs. Cooking ideas, techniques, and recipes shared on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok inspire people. More and more try their hand at cooking at home and embrace daily meal prep as a passion.  2024 Kitchens spell opportunity for the home building and home remodeling industry.

2024 Kitchens
Young man in apron helping african woman to prepare lunch. Happy girl adding salt in pot for pasta while guy hold the lid up. Multiethnic couple cooking together with the help of a digital tablet for the recipe.

A passionate home chef is also likely to consider him- or herself an interior décor expert, too. 

So, your client will also appreciate a kitchen with the latest styles and colors in cabinetry, flooring, countertops and lighting. They’ll be aware that brass, gold and rose gold lead the current trend in hardware. And they’ll seek out appliances that come in interesting colors or with the option to integrate exterior panels. Professional-grade home appliances will be high on their wish list.  The top priority is to replicate both the recipes and the cooking experiences the food and wine enthusiasts have seen on their favorite cooking show or online platform.

Ever-increasing budget allocations for kitchens translate to opportunities for savvy builders, remodelers and kitchen designers. This also entices more and more new product introductions from kitchen industry suppliers. The National Kitchen and Bath Association reports that close to $100 billion is spent annually on kitchen product for new and remodeled kitchens. There is even a trend to add a second kitchen in some luxury homes!

Five-Star Dining at Home Requires the Right Appliances

2024 Kitchens
Fisher & Paykel’s industry-leading Triple Zone Refrigeration technology leverages three independent food zones for complete control over the way users care for food.

First things first in selecting kitchen appliances for 2024 kitchens is the importance of precision and control throughout each of the important stages— from food care to cooking to cleaning. And it sure doesn’t hurt if the right appliance can also save space be smart-capable and make a fashion statement at the same time!

Great food starts with proper food storage. Even subtle changes in temperature and humidity can diminish an ingredient’s shelf life, nutritional content and depth of flavor. And of course, wine afficionados consider variable temperature zones a must.

2024 Kitchens Demand The Right Temperature at the Right Moment

Italian luxury appliance manufacturer Fulgor Milano earned a Best of KBIS finalist for the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS 2023) for its 48” Induction Range with Griddle.  How about one in Classic Red?

An accomplished chef knows precisely what temperature, humidity and heat type is needed for creating optimal food flavor and texture.  Temperature control is the reason many people still tend to prefer gas cooktops.  Gas burners respond immediately when ignited, and they also cool faster.  A rolling boil reduces to a simmer in seconds.  But electric induction cooktops answer to a lot of the temperature concerns, with the best modern units demonstrating a keen ability to deliver responsive, constant heat across all temperature spectrums. 

The Natural Gas Debate

Concerns about the release of harmful pollutants into the air from gas cooking brings electric induction cooking to the forefront.  It can also be argued that induction cooktops are more energy efficient. That’s because the transfer of energy heats only the cooking vessel, reducing heat transfer to the surrounding environment.

But flat electric cooktops require perfectly flat-bottomed pots and pans to ensure even cooking.  And electric induction cooktops must also have a magnetic bottom. Some say that just as any great carpenter requires the right tools to get the job done right, so does a chef require the right pots and pans. And some chefs just don’t want to trade their favorite standbys for new ones.

Professional-Grade Equipment with Multiple Cooking Options

Dual fuel ranges with gas heat on the stovetop and electric heat in the oven cavity are the go-to. Various burner types and options such as wok rings and built-in griddles further delight food afficionados.  Combination steam ovens use humid air (steam) which is exceptional at holding a stable temperature. In combination with dry heat circulated by fans (convection), steam cooks food with even and consistent heat, preserving the natural juices and flavors of the food.

2024 Kitchens
Signature Kitchen Suite integrates sous vide capabilities right on the cooking surface, alongside gas burners and induction.
Unlike most combination steam ovens, Miele’s version generates steam outside the oven compartment. During the cooking process, the whole oven compartment fills with steam and the oxygen is displaced. Food remains visually and structurally intact, while retaining its natural flavor.

Choose surfaces that are on-trend and maintenance-free.

Precision for Kitchen Clean-Up

Dishwashers use different combinations of water, temperature, detergent activation, and airflow. Breaking down oils and grease to eliminate bacteria without harming delicate items is the goal. A good dishwasher delivers the perfect clean and dry dishes, spotless glassware and pristine cutlery.  And it must use the least amount of water to accomplish all that.  Capacity, quiet performance and Wi-Fi capabilities are other things to look for when comparing dishwashers.

2024 Kitchens
The Wi-Fi-enabled Star Sapphire® dishwasher from Thermador runs quietly, cleans powerfully, and delivers exceptional drying power. It features a folding glass care rack with Crystal Protect® Water Softener System and 18 glass wine capacity.

Home Chefs Value Versatility, Personalization and Beauty

Appliance columns that can be configured together into in whatever combination the space allows are here to stay.  Popular workstation sinks are as beautiful as they are multi-functional. Creative solutions that save space or provide clever kitchen storage solutions do not go unnoticed. And since most culinary enthusiasts are only part-time home chefs, they appreciate anything that can help optimize their time.  This could include smart appliances with connectivity features. Ovens with built-in recipe guides or refrigerators with inventory management systems are popular.

Up to four 30” units can be seamlessly grouped together using True Residential’s joining kits. The largest version is a 120”-long industry-exclusive design. Pick your appliance color from the brand’s automotive grade paint powder-coated finishes.
Designed to seamlessly integrate below or adjacent to 24″ -wide standard cabinetry, Dometic® leaned on its 100+ year history in refrigeration technology to creat DrawBar™.  The ultra-compact wine drawer brings the at-home sommelier experience to life — just add wine!
2024 Kitchens
Mila International received an International Contemporary Furniture Fair Editors’ Awards in the Kitchen & Bath category for this everything-and-the-kitchen-sink Infinity workstation. It features a colander, a cutting board, a salad-mixing station and other bells and whistles.
Suspended from the ceiling, Italian manufactuer Spazio’s 70-inch range hood makes the most out of the unused area above the island. Dynamic lighting illuminates the entire length of the hood. A spice shelf and tablet holder are available. And an elevated area is perfect for keeping small herb plants within arm’s reach.
EcoDomo® appliance panels are available in a range of leather finishes, from classic smooth leather to intricate textures like pebble shagreen, buffalo, crocodile, or walrus.


Consumers prioritize their own needs and wants when designing kitchens. And budget line items related to 2024 kitchens are likely to reflect less thought about resale ROI. Perhaps upping the ante on the kitchen budget is counterbalanced by what is saved by dining at home.  And the wellness trend is another valid reasons to cancel the dinner reservations at the neighborhood restaurant and stay home.

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